Why Aren't We Happy?

happiness lifestyle mindset Oct 13, 2019

We are chasing happiness more and more, but it seems to also be eluding us more and more. We tie our happiness to the achievement of external milestones, and then wonder why we still aren't happy when we get there.

Maybe we've just been getting happiness all wrong?

Throughout my various roles as a school teacher, business owner and coach, I have made numerous mistakes with my own happiness and learned numerous lessons. I have eventually been able to develop a philosophy which has at it's core a counterpoint definition of happiness which doesn't rely on pleasure, joy or external circumstance.

This is nothing new, however. My practical process borrows heavily from classic Greek and Roman philosophy, historical figures, as well as more contemporary thought leaders. All I have done is package my learning up into an actionable solution to my own struggles, which just so happen to be the struggles that many other people are also facing.

I've all the other stuff before. The super-positive, saccharine exuberance of motivational speakers, the exciting idea of a dream life manifested through visualisation and the Law Of Attraction, the courses that promise to finally give you the 'secrets to success'...

Turns out, it's all a load of bullshit.

Life is hard, there are no secrets to success, and the universe doesn't give a shit about you.

But does that mean we can't be happy? Of course not, it just means we need to redefine happiness from the shiny poster that marketers have sold us.

We need to ditch happiness, and find euthymia.

And it's not as complex as you might believe...

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