Looking for more balance and fulfillment?

It's closer than you might think...


Look, I get it...

You feel stressed and anxious.

You struggle to start or maintain good habits.

You have low energy, and lack motivation.

You regularly find yourself in a low mood.

You feel stuck in the same old rut.

Sound about right?

Well you're in the right place.

My name is Jay, and I help people be less miserable...

...and I don't just mean more pleasure, or joy. I mean long-lasting balance and fulfillment. I mean physical and mental resilience, the ability to deal with adversity.

I will help you develop daily habits and routines which bring your life more value.

Because being miserable SUCKS.

What brings my life value?

A very personal question, no doubt. But there are some things which just work for everyone.

How does the world work?

A healthy dose of reality to stop you getting caught up with wishy-washy, egotistical rubbish.

Where do I start?

Practical step-by-step processes for creating new habits and routines, to support your goals.

How do I sustain it all?

Realistic and proven strategies to keep you building on those foundations, and moving forward in life.

"Jay is very skilled and passionate about his work. If you are looking for someone to help you find your way forward, in a lasting and sustainable way, Jay's your man! I would definitely recommend him."


"Whether there are 5 or 100 people in the room, Jay can hold their attention with ease. You believe his words and his story and because of his personal approach, you connect with him and feel inspired and motivated to create change yourself."


"Jay Unwin is simply incredible. I wouldnt be where I am now if I hadnt met Jay 6 years ago, he has the most infectious positivity, biggest heart and genuine care for peoples all round health and mental welfare."


"Jay is an extremely inspirational individual, with an immense amount of passion for enhancing health, fitness and wellbeing for all. He approaches everything with wise words, wisdom and positivity, drawing from his wealth of knowledge and experience to offer an abundance of heart felt advice and guidance."


"Jay hosted a motivational workshop for unemployed clients at Westward Pathfinder; as a speaker, Jay was clear and to the point, demonstrating great passion for the topic of wellbeing and taking accountability for your own happiness."


"I met Jay 8 years ago...maybe longer. I have followed him since, and on and off plugged into his groups and coaching and still love all that he teaches and how he teaches. No judgement, only wants you all to get to where you want to be. His lessons still don't fail me, I still am able to apply them, to get out of bad spots."


Improve Your Quality of Life...

Everyone wants more balance and fulfillment, but most people tie happiness to a list of goals.

'Ill be happy when...'

Instead of falling into this trap, make small changes to your habits and routines... the payoff can be huge.


Fancy a chat?

Get in touch now to find out how you can find more balance, fulfillment and happiness in life...


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