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When You’re A Parent Working Out Can Be Rather Different…

Since becoming a parent working out has changed dramatically. Gone is the relaxed hour or hour and a half in the gym, with a sauna at the end. Say hello to getting your exercise by dancing like a shark.

Don't know what a shark dancing looks like? Remind me to show you, my moves are pretty impressive.

This is going to be another short post (for something longer take a look at this), because I only have one thing to say on the matter:

Stop trying to do the stuff you used to do before you had kids.

Embrace the changes in your lifestyle, and find new ways to stay fit, active and healthy! You might miss the no-rush gym sessions, the swims (minus saving the drowning toddlers), and the steam room. I get that, I miss them too. But you gotta let them go!

Apart from maybe the odd time you have solid childcare, as a treat. Or hen parties (lads, can we do a spa day next time? I need to relax...)

If you get time to go and do something once a week, be grateful and make the most of it. However, don't get pissed that you can't do that thing 3, 4, or 5 times per week. Use that one time to really let go and relax, have some YOU time.

The rest of the week, the everyday stuff, that is the stuff that you can tweak to help you stay fit and healthy. That is the stuff to dial in so you have maximum energy to not only cope with being a parent, but to ENJOY it.

Find stuff you can do as a family to stay active. Kids LOVE being active. Stick them in a field or a soft play and they will just scream around like the MotoGP. Get out on the bikes, go for a walk, hit the park, play football, go swimming.

Note: 'swimming' means chucking the kids around in water, not actually swimming.

If you want to add some 'real' exercise (have you not been to a park with kids? Do you not understand that is physically demanding shit?) then look at simple habits you can adopt every day.

10 press ups (or 5, or 50, whatever) before you get in the shower every morning. Rep out the squats while your toddler is attempting to expel an inhuman turd (this is quite good escapism too). Overhead press your baby until you can no longer lift your arms.

Just stop trying to do whatever you did before, accept that life has changed, and embrace it. Embrace all the new stuff you can do to get and stay fit and healthy. Embrace how much more stupidly fun exercise can be with your kids if you open yourself up to the idea.

And dance like a motherfucking shark.

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